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Need to help your business match your telecommunications growth? Dahl Communications has more than 70 years of experience in data and network cabling services and knows how to install everything from lines to switches. When you need professional support and affordable prices, you can count on our DC Metropolitan cabling company.

We pride ourselves on providing quality installation services at reasonable rates for our customers. We also offer emergency services and product warranties, giving you the peace of mind and assurance you need.

Let our team install the following for your business or company:

  • Switches (PBX)

  • Lines

  • Jacks

  • Phones

  • Peripheral Equipment

Dahl Communications has the resources needed to install specific small business phone systems that will meet your needs. We also have all the parts you need; from headsets to call cost and accounting equipment.

If you are ready to start installing the upgrades your business needs to thrive, call our office today at (571) 428-2861 or toll free at (888) 349-8580.

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