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Our Services

Dahl Communications is a full service company that offers many services to help you with your telecom requirements. The following list includes our services we can provide to Washington, D.C. metro area, Richmond, and Winchester areas. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us locally at (571) 428-2861 or toll-free at (888) 349-8580 today.

Our experienced team can perform the following:

  • Voice Cabling: Whether you have phones, modems, faxes or VOIP, we can install and service any type of cable you require.

  • Voice Messaging Systems: Do you need a voice messaging system? We can help.

  • Data & Fiber Cabling: From Cat5 to Fiber Optics, we can work with you to find the fastest and the most cost effective way to provide data capabilities to meet your needs.

  • Rack/Server Room Cleanup: Switched to VOIP and still have those 66 blocks on the walls? Are all of your racks in dire need of cable management? We have hundreds of hours of experience working in these kinds of environments. If necessary, we can work after hours to minimize disruptions to your users and your company.

  • Installation of Switches (PBX): We install specific small business phone systems that will meet your needs.

  • Equipment/Server Room: Dahl Communications will design a structured, organized, and efficient Network Server Room/Telecommunications closet from the ground up. Using a wide variety of network tacks, cable management equipment, and other accessories, your Computer Room/Telecommunications closet will be ready for future network expansion.

  • Installation of Lines, Jacks, Phones, & Peripheral Equipment: We have all the parts you need; from headsets for your call center to call cost and accounting equipment.

  • Moves, Adds, & Changes (MAC Work): We can make all your changes or additions to your phone system easy for you. Just give us a call.

  • Trunk & Cable Records: Every phone system needs trunk and cable records in order to report troubles to your vendors, carriers, and internet vendors. We can provide records from the Dmark (telephone closet) to your phone system.

  • Cost Analysis: Is your company paying too much for your carrier bills? Could you save money by using a T1 or a PRI? We can help.

  • Traffic Studies: Do you have too many trunks that are not being used in your phone system? Do your customers receive a busy signal when they try to call? Let us do a cost analysis.

  • Cell Phone Management: Are you spending too much money on your cell phone budget? We can find the answer for you.

We look forward to assisting you.

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